Radda in Chianti

Poppi belongs to the Radda Community in Chianti and is located in the Siena Province.

Sea Level: 350-420 M a.s.l.
Orientation of the vineyards: South, South West
Orientation of  the vine rows: North-South for the red varieties
Inclination of the vineyards: All hillside, 5–18%

Soil Type: It is a sandy, loamy soil while the percentage of sand and silt is roughly equal with a smaller percentage of clay. The rocky skeleton of the soil provides a fast drainage. The soil fertility is moderate.

Climate: Continental climate, with cool winters (also below 0°C) and very warm summers. Temperatures can rise above 40°C during the warm season.
Average yearly temperature: 12.5°C
Annual rainfall: 890mm; rainfall occurs mainly from October–April

Total area of vines: 12 ha
Grape Varieties: 43% Sangiovese, 57% Merlot
Nurturing system: Single cordon for the red. 
Plant density: 5680/ha for the red. 

Cultivation: Poppi follows the guidelines for an integrated production. We have been participating in program 2078/92 regarding for the restriction of fertilisers and chemical pesticides since 1996. We do not use any conventional insecticides. In this way, useful insects, such as the scale insect, the ladybird or the mite, can multiply. Through a partial greening, we also increase the population of useful creatures.

Irrigation: In part 
Harvest: Handpicking only