Archive Messages from BRANCAIA

Expo Milano 2015

Brancaia TRE is at Expo, on the 1st floor of Padiglione Vino – A Taste of Italy, until the end of October.

We are proud to present you our new wine:

Brancaia CHIANTI CLASSICO DOCG shows our passion for this territory and the real character of the Sangiovese grape. Matured for 12 months, this easily approachable wine has seducing notes of ripe fruit and a lively acidity. For more information...

BRANCAIA Chianti Classico Riserva 2011

receives the highest award by the 2015 Gambero Rosso: 3 glasses.

Brancaia ILATRAIA I.G.T. Rosso Toscana Maremma 2011 receives 92 Wine Spectator points

“among the most exciting finds to come through our tasting room”, WS, June 18th, 2014

Brancaia TRE 2011 and Chianti Classico RISERVA 2010

Brancaia TRE 2011 receives stunning 95 points by DECANTER and Brancaia Chianti Classico RISERVA 2010 receives for the second time in a row the prestigious 3 glasses award from Gambero Rosso.

Barbara’s approach to Sangiovese

From the book "Il Romanzo del Sangiovese" by Andrea Zanfi, the approach of Barbara Widmer (Brancaia). Watch the video...

IL BLU 2009

Brancaia IL BLU 2009 has been rewarded with 95 points by WINE ENTHUSIAST and has been declared as the prestigious “Cellar Selection”. For more information...


Brancaia ILATRAIA 2010, rated with 94/100 points is listed in the just released Wine Spectator’s 2012 TOP 100 – after vintage 2003 already for the second time - for more information...


The prestigious 2013 Vini d'Italia guidebook edited by Gambero Rosso has awarded the Tre Bicchieri to Brancaia CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA 2009.
This is one of the highest and most prestigious awards a wine can get in Italy  - with international recognition.
The accolade will be presented officially during the award ceremony held in Rome on Oct. 20th, 2012.


By adding a little more time in refining our Chianti Classico at our estate we are now replacing it with a Brancaia Chianti Classico RISERVA. Brancaia Chianti Classico D.O.C.G , 2009 RISERVA was released for shipment on January 7th, 2012.

Brancaia ILATRAIA 2009 IGT Rosso Toscana Maremma

After working on our new estate in the Maremma for 10 years we have learnt a lot. Moreover the today’s age of the vines and new varietals provide us with additional opportunities. Based on this we have reconsidered the blend of Brancaia ILATRAIA - the wine of vintage 2009 is now even more elegant than previous vintages, composed by grape varietals that ripen optimal every year in the Maremma even without irrigation. The new blend of Brancaia ILATRAIA is 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Petit Verdot and 20% Cabernet Franc and the wine has been aged in French oak for 18 months.

Brancaia IL BLU 2008 with longer ageing in the bottle

At BRANCAIA, quality and maximum drinking pleasure for wine lovers stand as the central focus of our thoughts. Therefore, we have decided to store our top product Brancaia IL BLU, IGT Rosso Toscana in bottles in our basement for a whole year before handing it over to the markets.

We wish to present wine lovers with a Brancaia IL BLU, which is more easily accessible upon delivery and can offer great drinking pleasure at once – of course, to discover the full potential of this wine in terms of elegance and complexity, you will still need some patience.

After 20 months in French oak barriques and 12 months of bottle ageing, the Brancaia IL BLU 2008 is now ready for delivery, as of June 2011.