Brancaia is an old Tuscan estate that we have restored with a great deal of love and care. All external walls have been preserved, and we also made extensive use of old materials for the interior. In order to ensure that your holiday is both relaxing and enjoyable, the apartments are fully equipped with all the comforts that you would expect.

The estate is located on one of Tuscany's gently undulating hills, surrounded by beautifully scented herbs and flowers, olive trees, vineyards and pastures. A lake measuring approximately 200 m in length stretches into the distance at the foot of the vineyards. There is no traffic noise here, just the sizzle of the barbecue and chirping birds, interrupted occasionally by the rattle of agricultural machinery.

The Tuscan summer is sunny and hot, although a gentle breeze often blows through Brancaia. However, non sun-worshippers do not need to retreat into the cooler air of the house, as they are sure to find a variety of shaded spots dotted around outside.