The apartments

Brancaia consists of three spaciously designed apartments and one studio apartment. They are comfortable and all have cosy furnishings. White walls, earthen floors, dark oak and chestnut, bathrooms and WCs clad with travertine. Each apartment - apart from the studio - has central heating, hot and cold running water, an open fireplace (apart from the studio) and a well-equipped kitchen that is also clad in travertine. The bedrooms have good beds. Around the house you will find nice places to sit with tables, chairs and loungers. Each apartment has an outdoor dining area.

Apartment 1

This is our largest apartment and is available as 2 different options:

Option 1: Top floor and basement, 7 beds 

Top floor

  • Entrance / WC
  • Large bright living room with fireplace
  • Raised seating area with large dining table for 8-10 people
  • Very well equipped kitchen with dishwasher
  • Two lovely bedrooms, each with 2 beds and bathroom/WC  (1 bedroom has separate entrance)


  • Lovely bedroom with 2 beds
  • Single room with 1 bed
  • Shower/WC

Option 2: Top floor, 4 beds

This includes the entire top floor as described above.

Apartment 2: 4 beds

It is located next to apartment 1.

  • Large living room with fireplace
  • Open-plan kitchen with fridge, oven, dishwasher
  • Dining room with dining table for 6-8 people
  • 2 bedrooms, each with 2 beds
  • 2 bathrooms (one with bath, one with shower)

If available, the basement of apartment 1 (2 bedrooms/3 beds) can be rented in conjunction with apartment 2.

Apartment 3: 2 beds

It is located in the basement.

  • Large living room with fireplace   
  • Raised dining area (dining table for 4-6 people)
  • Open-plan kitchen with fridge, over, dishwasher
  • Bedroom with 2 beds
  • Bathroom and separate WC/washbasin
  • Small closet/storage room

Provided that it is unoccupied, the basement of apartment 2 can also be rented in conjunction with this apartment (2 bedrooms, 3 beds).

Studio apartment: 2 beds

It is located in the basement.

  • Small dining area (dining table for 2 people)
  • Small kitchen with fridge and gas stove
  • 2 beds
  • Bathroom with shower