The Team

In addition to Barbara Widmer and her family, a strong and loyal team are the foundation for fully exploiting the quality of our vineyards and delivering BRANCAIA wines around the world. To achieve BRANCAIA'S ambitious objectives, we need employees in our vineyards and cellars – but also in-house and field-based – who understand the philosophy of BRANCAIA and live it as well. Nearly 40 people are now part of the BRANCAIA team – many of whom have been with us for many years.

BRANCAIA is proud to count on the committed and loyal cooperation of these people:

Alessandro Di Tardo, Agronomist
Alessandro Vichi, Vineyard worker
Alex Bardi, Vineyard worker
Amar Amarouche, Cellar Master
Andrea D'Alessio, Sales Director
Anna Fontirossi, Vineyard worker
Antonio Destro, Tractor Driver
Benedetto Di Pasquale, Bottling Manager
Claudio Fallani, Cellar worker
Daniele Corsinovi, Accounts Manager
Davide Cuzzolino, Cellar worker
Diego Mariano Salcedo, Tractor driver
Fabienne Hager, Wine Shop
Fabrizio Benedetti, Cellar Master and Winemaker
Festim Bilali, Cellar worker
Francesca Viale, Accounts Department
Giampaolo Biagi, Warehouse Manager
Giuseppe Caruana, Gardener
Jessica Iachetta, Guesthouse Keeper
Letizia Naso, Cellar worker
Loretta De Paolis, Accounts Department
Luca Gori, Cellar worker
Lucia Borri, Sales & Export
Luigi Cheli, Vineyard worker
Marco Marchi, Environmental Manager and Coordinator
Massimo Fierli, Vineyard worker
Mumtaz Ahmed, Vineyard worker
Pellegrino Porcaro, Janitor
Pietro Francesco Sammartano, Vineyard worker
Raffaella Milanesi, Accounts Department
Rubina Talluri, Guesthouse Keeper
Santino Cuzzolino, Tractor Driver and Mechanic
Simonetta Nanni, Guesthouse Keeper
Shahbaz Hussain, Vineyard worker
Sonia Cheli, Vineyard worker
Stefania Barbieri, Guesthouse Keeper