The Philosophy

At the core of our thoughts and actions are achieving uncompromising quality and maximum drinking pleasure for wine lovers.

All of our wines have to meet the highest quality standards – that is what the BRANCAIA team is committed to day after day, constantly searching for ways to improve our work in the vineyard and the cellar. The principle that drives us every day: Only with first-class grapes can you produce a top product.

It takes great respect for nature to achieve this goal. At BRANCAIA, we perceive the work in the vineyard as a flow of energy that must be respected to the highest degree. To put this into practice every year in the best possible way, we invest about 450 man hours per hectare with an average yield of 5,500 kg per hectare – quality matters to us more than quantity.

We work according to the Guidelines for Integrated Production (IP), which permits sustainable conservation of vineyards and also reduces CO2 emissions from vehicles to a minimum.

A BRANCAIA wine is a natural product of the highest quality. For packaging, we use only premium materials to ensure optimal storage until it is time to drink and enjoy the wine. We also try to find an appropriate balance, such as by deliberately avoiding "heavy" bottles to minimize the CO2 burden on transport routes.